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Our mission is to help you deliver an unforgettable event that exceeds all expectations―without any of the stress associated with planning a special event. We work realistically within your budget and do not have any hidden fees or consultation charges.



Some of the earliest, fondest memories Andrea Georghiou has are of cooking with her mother and father. Born to Greek Cypriot parents who emigrated to England before she was born, it didn’t take long before Andrea learned the importance of Greek food in keeping her family’s heritage, culture and traditions alive. Whether she was helping her mother cook an Easter Sunday feast or helping her father make a quiet weekday meal, Andrea has always believed that good food brought people together.

Today, Andrea is dedicated to helping her clients bring their family and friends together. All of My Yiayia’s Kitchen’s food are created with the help of Andrea’s 40+ years of experience cooking traditional Greek food and her family’s most heavily guarded recipes―all of which we know you’ll enjoy!

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